Power Flushing

Corrosion and sludge build up is one of the biggest problems with in your central heating system.

Problems that typically occur are.

Increase in gas bills

Hot water or heating no longer efficient

Cold spots on radiators

Dirty water found when bleeding radiators

Leaks can occur in different places (commonly the heating pump area) due to different pressures

Boiler overheating

Frequently having to bleed radiators

Combo-Boiler hot water fluctuating

if any of the symptoms stated are left for too long this could lead to complete
system failure.

It is best practice to have a power flush before having a new boiler installed otherwise your warranty could be void,
same also applies if the incorrect chemical/inhibitor has been used to treat the system.

In most recent years, having a magnetic filter installed to your heating system can most certainly prevent sludge from building up.

Note: A Magnetic filter will only prevent and reduce the risk of having sludge build up in heating systems, by itself will not remove all of the sludge or dirt throughout your heating system.

At GPS we have the latest equipment and technology to diagnose and tackle sludge related problems.
You may have been told that your heating system requires a power flush, this will not always be the case.
Give us a call our latest testing equipment can determine if sludge is present and if so the best course of action to take will be recommended by our experienced engineers.

What to expect when a power flush has successfully been completed

Decrease in gas bills

Increased boiler lifetime

Efficient heating and hot water

Quieter pump/boiler

Magnetic filter installation

Full power flush

Magna cleanse

Thermal imaging report

Radiator valve replacement

we will also provide a power flush report once works have been completed
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